pars media // staff // Georg Albrecht Eckle

Author / producer

Studied philosophy, literature, and musicology in Berlin, London and Zürich. Learned the craft of producing under Rudolf Noelte and worked as his personal assistant for ten years. Opera and drama productions on various stages including Bregenz, Hamburg, Vienna and in Switzerland, where he was the Director in charge of the municipal theatre in Chur. He lives as a freelance author and producer.

He creates programmes that in particular formulate the dialogue between music and poetry, and advises a wide variety of artists, both established stars and beginners: Prey, Protschka, Ingolf Turban, Gülke, Peter Feuchtwanger, Marian Friedman, Florian Uhlig, Will Quadflieg, Gert Westphal, Fricke, Bantzer, Marthe Keller, Dietlinde Turban, Lorin Maazel.

With pars media he developed the thirteen-part television series "Belcanto", the film essay "Furtwängler's Love" as well as the profiles of Reri Grist, Joseph Schmidt and Sergei Nakariakov.