pars media // films // Belcanto - The Tenors of the 78 Era // 3 Tauber (1891-1948)

scene: Debate about Richard Tauber at the ‘Recorded Vocal Art Society’ in London, the city to which Tauber had to flee during the Third Reich.

music: Bizet, Leoncavallo, Schubert, Mozart, Offenbach, Tauber, Srauß (overture to “Fledermaus” conducted by Tauber), songs

analysis: Es war einmal am Hof von Eisenack ( Les contes d’Hoffmann, Offenbach), 1928

Tauber could attune his voice to the orchestral sound and to the instruments. Only great singers who can sing from the organic essence of the composition have this gift. (Kesting) That particular charme, that particular thing he had… In the films, it's the women who are swooning. He hit a certain tone, a certain pitch that turned them into rubber. (Castle)

One of the most remarkable things about Tauber was his musicianship. When he sings an aria like the legend of Kleinzack, you can here this when he changes from major to minor key. He changes the key on a note befor the orchestra does. This requires the most subtle musical sensitivity. (Scott) Nobody has ever conducted a Strauss waltz like Tauber doing "Tales from Vienna Woods". The conductor's triangles were no equal triangles. There were accents which one never dreamed of. I shall never forget the freedom, the extraordinary musicality of Tauber's conducting a Strauss waltz. (Aprahamian)

The first time I saw him I disliked him intensely. He was singing Goethe in a musical by LehĂĄr which I could not stand. Then I heard him singing Ottavio. That cured me. I have never heard anyone, before or since, who could sing Mozart so purely and beautifully. (Bergner)